Wednesday, October 8, 2008

FOC as a blogging network

The Facilitating Online Communities course does connect to a wider network; people who are interested in facilitating online have contributed either through a blog or through the e-mail forum, or both. Many people are not enrolled in this course but contribute because they are interested.
This blogging network has a conscientious facilitator who is positive, very helpful and knowledgeable.

I have helped to develop this network by posting to my blog my ideas and thoughts about Facilitating Online and by reading resources and other people’s blogs, and commenting on other blogs.

A blogging network can grow very quickly; this could be an advantage to the Online Community because more people are contributing and members have different viewpoints so individual perspectives become more diverse. If the network grows too much it could be a disadvantage because one member cannot communicate with all other members so chooses to communicate with others who have similar viewpoints or interests. This could result in smaller groups with less diverse viewpoints, so the communication and learning would be limited.

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