Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Evaluating Facilitation

Here are my thoughts on how I facilitated the session "The Role of a Facilitator" in the FOC Mini Conference last week.

I talked too much but was trying to convey my impressions of the person I was interviewing so the participants could get a better perception of the person and the process. When someone made comments on things the Community Facilitator said if I disagreed or interpreted differently I said so.

The discussion progressed well and some very interesting comments and thoughts were contributed. Many thanks to Nellie and friends & Leigh for their comments and at times lively discussion. I learned a lot & saw thing from different perspectives.

I encouraged participants to chat and elaborate on statements. I did not moderate the process or the content, and I believe this is part of being a successful online facilitator: let the discussion flow & it is amazing how it develops and diversifies.

Comments and suggestions would be appreciated.


Nellie Deutsch said...

I believe that reflecting on our attitude to the experience may be more meaningful than receiving other people's evaluations. So with that, I learned a lot out from the mini conference. I now understand that learning is not the only outcome of facilitation. There may be other goals involved in facilitating an event. However, that may not have been the intention of the course or the mini-conference, but it is one of the things I learned.

vida said...

Hi Nellie,
I also learned a lot from the mini conference and really enjoyed the contributions from participants during the session I facilitated. Thanks again.

Sylvia Currie said...

Sure wish I could have been there! I skimmed through the text chat but wasn't really able to follow completely. I gather it was a combination of voice and chat in Skype? It's an neat format -- to anchor a synchronous discussion on a pre-recorded interview. I'd like to try that sometime!

vida said...

Hi Sylvia,
Yes it was interesting. Some different perspectives came out in the discussion. I lost my connection part way through so after that I just chatted.