Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I think you are probably right about a teacher not being a facilitator but it is not just about the power relationships and content expert. I think it is the way teachers have learned to teach. It must be very hard to change to facilitating after years of teaching in front of a class, being the expert & having control over what the students are learning. I am a facilitator & a CLC is more learner friendly than a classroom because we do not have the power thing happening, also the atmosphere is more relaxed. We provide the resources and say "go for it, if you need help let me know". In this way the students can choose what they learn & how much about a certain topic they want to know.
I know I learn much more if I am pointed in the right direction & told go & find resources & follow the path you are most interested in.
Isn't this what we are doing on this course. Some of us want to know more about technical stuff but are OK with facilitating, others are interested in learning about the facilitating and are Ok with the technical stuff. Initially though I think we talk about things which are in our comfort zone, we comment on what we know but just read about the stuff we don't. Gradually as we get to know more about the things which were not familiar we will talk about them, our comfort zone expands if we want it to. Maybe teachers can't expand their zone into facilitating.


Nellie Deutsch said...

Comfort zones may not be as effective for learning as being out of our comfort zones.

Illya said...

Great post, Vida!
And I agree with you Nellie. I feel like some people are nudging me out of my comfort zone - interestingly enough, not Leigh - and with each step away from it I learn more. But you are always in charge of how far you want to stray from your area of comfort.

This is probably the single most important point - the idea of control over how far you are willing to go. If you feel bullied into realms you aren't ready for, you will probably completely turn off. And this is easy in any kind of learning context, but it's even easier online than f2f.