Thursday, August 28, 2008

What makes an online group or network a community?

I think these features are important in assessing an online community:

Communication between all participants (some participants may not communicate much while others have a lot to say, this doesn’t mean the ones who do not communicate much are less important members of the community).

All members of the community are equal and share information and responsibilities.

All members of the community have something in common: this is why they are part of the community. In this course we all want to be better at facilitating online communities so we are practising our facilitating and learning new technologies to help us be great online facilitators.

Community members give each other advice and help each other to solve problems.

Online community members need to be willing to explore the online world and experiment with new technologies (the sharing of ideas and technology are the factors which make the online group a community).

A community does not appear instantly it takes time for members to get to know each other & converse and share thoughts and ideas freely.


Sylvia Currie said...

Nice list! I'll add willingness to give back and to improve the community experience for everyone.

Leigh Blackall said...

Yes, a nice list Vida, and Sylvia's addition adds some dimension to your first point doesn't it?

Where or how did you develop this list Vida? I assume you have been reading stuff, watching vids, participating in discussions? The beauty of online is all that stuff has reference points known as URLs. With URLs you can link what you say to what you may have read, or participated in. By linking you actually give back - which is what Sylvia is saying. Links help connect information and grow connected understanding. It also will help you later on, when you come to reviewing you time in this course. Careful linking now will help you dip back into things that meant something to you at the time.