Sunday, September 14, 2008

Facilitating, Moderating and Teaching

I haven't had a chance to blog for the last week, have been busy with training etc. I thought Kay summed up Facilitator, Moderator & Teacher roles very well. I agree they do overlap & I think this is true when we look at the world outside education also: a facilitator may need to moderate a discussion which is getting off track. A Moderator may need to provide some information which is required in order for the group to make a fair and informed decision (this could be seen as Teaching).


Leigh Blackall said...

In the email forum, Nellie stated something that goes close to what I'm thinking:

I find that a teacher may be a facilitator and moderator, but a facilitator
and moderator do not act as teachers."

This fits when thinking of facilitation outside the education sector.

vida said...

Hi Leigh, I wasn't sure that this was totally teaching. I thought it could be facilitating, but everyone sees things differently.