Sunday, September 14, 2008

Looking for Online Community

I have an interest in the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) in Cern. My son is working in this field so I follow articles etc about this. I watched an interview on TV the other night: David Frost was interviewing Robert Aymar & David Frost was mostly interested in how much money had been spent. He asked what the public had got out of this research. Robert Aymar replied that a Scientist Sir Tim Berners-Lee working at Cern invented the World Wide Web in 1990.
Creation of www enabled CERN Scientists to establish the first Online Community.

This Community was based on sharing data from the LHC. It is a huge Online Community today. I think this project involves thousands of people & over 500 universities (read that recently but can’t find the site right now).

I looked for a link to the interview but couldn’t find one.

I think Cern had a community but the communication was too slow to keep all Scientists involved in the project informed of recent data & discoveries. He created a means of transferring the data instantly. I think he was a great Facilitator: he saw the problem & created a solution for it. This solution has had an impact on millions of people.

This Community shares data around the world. All members participate & contribute to the Community. They help each other to learn. All members have something in common: the LHC.

Members share responsibility and information.

These Community Members explore and improve online technologies to make them fit their purpose.

Community members are Scientists who collaborate and are willing to give back to the Community.

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